Prof. Markus Weilguny, MSc CSI

Action Director – ColoristTeacher

I am a director with a passion for projects that entertain, empower and inspire.

Highlights of my career have been working as a video director on Hitman, directing several commercials for VW and other big brands, stunt coordinating five Guinness world records with, as well as doing post-production on numerous high-end features and ads. Inspiring students in the many classes I have been given the chance to teach is also an incredibly rewarding experience.

Fighting for Film

As an action director, stunt coordinator, and amorer, I’ve had the chance to contribute to several Netflix and Amazon shows (The Recruit, All Quiet on the Western Front, Whiskey Cavalier), feature films (Cops, Pulled Pork, Wald), as well as theatre, opera and musicals (Miss Saigon, The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

My company specializes in authentic action and also offers training for actors and production companies. This merges my passion for teaching with my experience as a fully licensed armorer (for the EU), martial arts instructor (Karate and Krav Maga), and special effects pyrotechnician. For my work on enhancing authenticity of action in movies, I was awarded the “Pioneer of European Martial Arts” Award at the Masters’ Hall of Honour Europe 2017.

Supporting the Agents

Uniting my backgrounds in creativity and secret agent skills, I developed Hosn • Agent Suits to support confidence and healthy movement. The universal trousers have been awarded Best New Consumer Product of 2021, selected for ISPO Brandnew, recognized in the encyclopaedia Successful People in Germany and Austria, and in numerous articles in the international press, e.g. NBC, Yahoo and wallstreet:online.

My next step is to expand on my work as an action director and support those on a mission to make the world a better place.

Recent Releases

All Quiet on the Western Front – Weapons Training for lead actor – 2022 – thanks to Anja Wernecke.

The Recruit – Stunt Driver Coordinator (Austria) – 2022 – thanks to Gerhard Rupp.

Tatort “Azra” – Stunt Coordinator – 2023 – thanks to Mariam Hage.

Pulled Pork – Stunt Coordinator (mostly Fights, Weapons) – 2023 – thanks to Viktor Perdula.

Whiskey Cavalier – Armorer (Austria) – thanks to Gerhard Rupp.

Cops – Stunt Coordinator (Police, Fights, SFX, Weapons) – thanks to Stefan Lukacs.

Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame (musical) – Armorer (Austria) – 2022 – thanks to Yvonne Schrittesser.

Miss Saigon (musical) – Armorer (Austria) – 2022 – thanks to Yvonne Schrittesser.

Action Directing

What I can do for you
  • Develop a more intense experience for your target audience
My work has been in the fields of
  • Movies and Series
  • Advertising
  • Video Games
Hire me as
  • Director
  • Action Director, Second Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator
  • Armorer, Fight Choreographer
What makes me stand out from the crowd

It’s all about the emotional impact that fuels a strong message which can inspire our viewers and spark growth.

The key is to channel the talents of our teams into conveying the story in the most tangible way possible. Part of that is respecting the time of everyone involved by refining the plan, and making sure everyone has a safe space to challenge their own limits. This helps deliver impressive production value at maximum safety and budget efficiency.

I have the greatest respect for my teams and their effort, and I will do anything I can to let their talents shine.

  • Stunt coordinating several Netflix titles and cinema releases
  • Directing commercials for VW, Jaguar and Konica Minolta
  • Video directing for Hitman
  • “Memories” & “Exit Koma” screening at Cannes Film Festival 2014 & 2015
  • Successfully stunt coordinating five World Records in 2013 and 2015
  • Co-founding “Fighting for Film” to support action movie education in Europe in 2010
  • Jaded” receives national acclaim as the first Austrian Martial Arts Action Movie in 2008
Filmography (Directing)




2023 Pulled Pork (feature). Stunt Coordinator
2023 Tatort, Episode Azra (series). Stunt Coordinator
2022 The Recruit (Netflix series). Stunt Driver Coordinator
2022 All Quiet on the Western Front (Netflix feature). Weapons Training
2022 Wald (feature). Stunt Coordinator
2022 Dinner für Acht (feature). Stunt Coordinator
2021 Je Suis Auto (feature). Stunt Consultant
2021 Pagan Peak (Netflix series). Stunt Consultant
2021 Die Welt (short). Stunt Coordinator
2021 Seiler und Speer (music video). Stunt Coordinator
2020 Desperados III (commercial). Armorer
2020 Richard Hammond’s Big! Austria’s Mega Dam (documentary). Action Coordinator
2019 Lou Asril – Friek (music video). Stunt Coordinator
2019 Simplify Your Wardrobe (commercial). Director
2019 Whiskey Cavalier (Netflix series). Armorer
2019 Blood, Water & Money (short). Armorer
2019 Elisabeth (feature). Asst. Armorer
2019 Der Taucher (feature). Stunt Trainer
2019 Hosn Agent Suits (commercial). Director
2019 Wiener Städtische (commercial). Action Coordinator
2019 Electronic Payment System (commercial). SFX Safety Coordinator
2019 Brenner Basistunnel (documentary). Action Coordinator
2019 Sony Stunt & Photography Masterclass (event). Action Director
2019 Ink Music (music video). Stunt Coordinator
2019 Heim ist, wo die Narben sind (short). Stunt Coordinator
2018 Letting Go (feature). Stunt Coordinator
2018 Sonate (tv movie). Stunt Coordinator
2018 Sony Stunt & Photography Masterclass (event). Action Director
2018 The Future of Demonstration (event series). Stunt Coordinator (VIE, MUC)
2018 Short Shakespeare: Trust (short). Action Director
2018 Paris Fashion Week (event). SFX Safety Coordinator
2017 Face of Africa (tv drama). Co-writer
2017 Cops (feature). Action Director responsible for stunt & tactical training, coordination, SFX & weapons
2017 Sheila (short). Action Coordinator
2016–2017 Hitman (game). Video Director for trailers and cinematics
2016 Legends of the Jungle (commercial). Director
2016 Oxytocin (short). Stunt Technician
2015 Konica Minolta (commercial). Director & producer
2015 Guinness Record: Longest distance travelled while on fire. Stunt Coordinator
2015 Tan Me “Schnaps” (music video). Director
2015 Stevil X3 (commercial). Director
2015 Tougher than stone (promotional). Director
2015 Guinness World Record: Longest distance run while on fire. Stunt Coordinator
2014 Memories (short). Director (Cannes 2015)
2014 Semperit (commercial). Director
2014 The 1.6 Experiment (short). Director
2014 White Rose Red (short). Stunt Coordinator
2014 Only the good bits (short). Director
2014 The Aftermath, ISNR Abu Dhabi (live event). Stunt Coordinator
2014 Trafo (short). SFX Supervisor
2014 Startus (commercial). Director
2013 Exit Koma (short). Co-director (Cannes 2014)
2013 Border Patrol (short). Co-director
2013 Guinness World Record: Longest duration full-body burn. Stunt Coordinator
2013 Uncharted: Eye of Indra (short). Stunt Coordinator
2013 Janus (TV series). Stunt Trainer
2012 VW Beetle Test Drive (commercial). Director
2012 VW Golf 7 Augmented Reality (commercial). Project Coordinator & Content Lead
2012 Bughouse “Falling” (music video). Co-director
2012 First Sight (short). Co-writer
2010 Humane Paths (documentary). Director
2012 The Indian (short). Asst. Stunt Coordinator (vehicles and stunts)
2011 (commercial). Layout Artist and Stunt Choreographer
2011 Jaguar XL (commercial). Director
2011 DenkMal (music video). Co-director and Stunt Coordinator (minors)
2011 Kendrick (short). Stunt Coordinator
2011 Relapse Impossible (short). Stunt Coordinator
2011 Whisp (short). Director
2011 Eisberg (commercial). Director
2011 Immofinanz (commercial). Producer
2011 Jaded 2 Teaser. Director
2010 Rückzug (short). Director
2010 Yamabushi France (documentary). Director
2010 Ice meditation (documentary). Director
2010 Yamabushi Austria (documentary). Director
2009 Xakasha “Nostalgia” (commercial). Director
2009 Xakasha “Date” (commercial). Director
2009 Fire walking (documentary). Director
2009 Sakura (documentary). Director
2008 Jaded (feature). Director
2005 Antivegan (animated short). Director (Anima Festival 2005)
2005 The Claymatrix (animated short). Director (Austrian Flipbook Festival 2005)
2004 While true (short). Director
2004 Infiltrator (animated short). Director (Europrix Top Talent Awards ’04, Bitfilm ’05)

Screengrab from VW Beetle Test Drive directed by Markus Weilguny


Color & Post Production

What I can do for you
  • Make your visuals shine
My work has been in the fields of
  • Advertising
  • Narrative: Features, TV
Hire me as
What makes me stand out from the crowd

As a colorist, I have a unique approach to supporting the flow of the edit and the emotional focus of the story. I am a member of the international society of colorists, hence the CSI suffix. My commercial experience makes it easy to make stakeholders with divergent opinions happy.

I have a strong understanding of the physical reality of special effects (did you know? I’m a licensed SFX pyrotechnician). Building on my technical background as a Master of Science in Engineering in Post Production & Animation, I combine my experience working in post production with that as a SFX pyrotechnician, armourer and stunt coordinator. This allows me to support the creation of more convincing VFX. 

Did you know?

I initiated the popular online color grading service Isy Color which has introduced a pay-per-clip service to the world of color correction. Producers on a budget and a timeline appreciate the service for its guaranteed rates and quality.


  • Grading hundreds of high-end commercials, feature films, and documentaries.
  • Teaching post-production (Maya, color grading and compositing) at universities at BSc/MSc level and in the industry since 2004.
  • Working as a post-production or VFX supervisor on numerous award-winning productions and commercials.
Color Grading Reel 2023

Post Production Timeline

Winner of the Austrian Computer Graphics Award for best VFX for “Help, I shrunk my teacher” working with k-effects/die Zentrale

Releasing a new Color Reel in 2015 with k-effects

“Wölfe” (by Traum & Wahnsinn) gets screened at Cannes Film Festival 2015
Responsibility: Post Production Supervisor

Commencing a two-year research project with TU Vienna on the reconstruction of material properties of real surfaces using only a mobile device in 2014

Working on the first animated Talking Tom format: The music video “You get me”

Receiving a funding grant for the development of an enhanced Stereo 3D post-production workflow in 2010

Music video wins Brett Ratner’s selection at Camerimage 2010 (Director: Anna Baltl)
Responsibility: Color Grading

Grading my first feature “Aquis Submersis”

Graduated as a Master of Science in Engineering in Digital Media from UAS Hagenberg with focus on Animation & Post Production in 2006

Getting invited as a speaker AR Games at an international conference for the first time at ACE 2007

Numerous academic publications & exhibtions

Accepting my first international job at Mixed Reality Lab at the National University of Singapore in 2004

Graduation with honours as a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Media Technology and Design with focus on Animation & Post Production in 2004

Filmography (Post-Production)

arx anima's Tom & Angela in


2024 Red Bull Organics (commercial). Colorist
2024 F1 vs Drone (documentary). Colorist
2023 Bergwelten (tv series). Colorist
2023 Drop In Australia (docu series HDR). Colorist
2023 Infinita Patagonia (documentary). Colorist
2023 VW (commercial). Colorist
2023 Life of Kai (docu series). Colorist
2023 Born to Fly (documentary). Trailer Colorist
2022 Driven (series). Colorist
2022 Bergwelten (tv series). Compositor
2022 Red Bull Soundclash (commercial). Colorist
2022 People of George (commercial). Colorist
2021 Das Netz (series). Trailer Colorist
2021 Red Bull Tunnel Pass. Colorist
2021 Egger (commercial). Colorist
2021 La Liste (documentary). Asst. Colorist
2021 Power of Now (docu series). Colorist
2021 Bending Gates (docu series). Colorist
2021 Raising the Bar (docu series). Colorist
2021 Art of Motion (docu series). Colorist
2021 Monte Verità (feature). Asst. Colorist
2021 Hard Enduro World Championships (HDR). Colorist
2021 Red Bull Best of Watersports (commercial). Colorist
2021 Bergwelten (tv series). Colorist
2021 Heimatleuchten (tv series). Colorist
2021 Milka (commercial). Colorist
2021 Nah & Frisch (commercial). Colorist & Compositor
2021 Drift Masters Championship. Colorist
2021 Levels (tv series). Colorist
2021 Zeitlos (tv series). Colorist
2021 Roots (feature). Asst. Colorist
2020 Heimatleuchten (tv series). Colorist
2020 Dakar Rallye. Colorist
2020 Clever (commercial). VFX Supervisor
2020 Red Bull BC One World Championships. Colorist
2020 Milka (commercial). Colorist
2020 Red Bull Year End Movie. Colorist
2020 Auf zum Mars! (tv series). Colorist
2019 Red Bull Surf & Skate (commercial campaign). Colorist
2019 Red Bull Rampage (commercial campaign). Colorist
2019 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup (commercial campaign). Colorist
2019 Red Bull Air Race (commercial campaign). Colorist
2019 Red Bull Reign (commercial). Colorist
2019 BAWAG (commercial). Colorist & Compositor
2019 Milka (commercial). Colorist
2019 Red Bull Photo Academy Dubai (commercial). Colorist
2019 WESS Erzberg (commercial). Colorist
2019 Drifting Challenge (commercial). Colorist
2019 Car Park Drift (commercial). Colorist
2019 EBEL Eishockey (commercial). Colorist
2019 Dance Your Style (series). Colorist
2019 Bergwelten (tv series). Colorist
2019 Heimatleuchten. Wirtshausgschichten (tv series). Colorist
2019 Evon Rose (music video). Colorist
2019 Tim Bendzko (music video). Colorist
2019 Andi Hirscher (documentary). Colorist
2019 Wibmer’s Law (short). Colorist 
2018 The Ins and Outs (series). Colorist (several episodes)
2018 World Rally Championship 2019 (commercial campaign). Colorist
2018 UCI (commercial campaign). Colorist
2016 Hitman. Compositor
2016 Volkshochschule (commercials). Colorist. Production: Traum & Wahnsinn
2016 St Martin (documentary). Colorist. Production: metafilm
2016 Mobile Monster (short). Colorist. Production: Reisenbauer Film
2015 Devil Devil Devil (feature). VFX Supervisor & Colorist. Post Production:
2015 Help, I shrunk my teacher (feature). Compositor. Post Production:
2015 360 Panorama Film (feature). Compositor
2015 McDonald’s (commercial). Colorist. Post production:
2015 Games (short). DIT
2014 Wölfe (short). Post Production Supervisor (Cannes 2015)
2014 White Rose Red (short). Post Production Supervisor
2014 Galanacht des Sports (live event). Post Production & 3D. Production: motion lab
2014 BIPA (commercial). Colorist. Post production:
2014 (commercial). Colorist. Post production:
2014 Uniqa (commercial). Colorist. Post production:
2014 Circuit (commercial). Colorist. Post production:
2014 Österreich Werbung (commercial). Colorist. Production: Nino Leitner
2014 Der Zigeunerbaron (feature documentary). Colorist. Post production:
2014 Merkur (commercial). Colorist. Post production:
2014 EVN (commercial). Colorist. Post production:
2014 Media Markt (commercial). Colorist. Post production:
2013 Tom Turbo (feature). Assistant Colorist. Post production:
2013 Jugendschutz (commercial). Colorist. Production: Traum & Wahnsinn
2012 Disney’s Talking Tom “You get me” (music video). 2nd Lead Comp. Director: T.Weiß. Production: arx anima
2012 VW Beetle Test Drive (commercial). Post Production Supervisor
2012 VW Golf 7 Augmented Reality (commercial). Project coordinator & content lead
2012 Bughouse “Falling” (music video). Post Production Supervisor
2012 ÖBZF (commercial). Colorist
2011 Neblina (short, 16mm). Colorist
2011 Puppenspiel (short). Post Production Supervisor. Production: Traum & Wahnsinn
2011 First Sight (short). Post Production Supervisor. Production: Traum & Wahnsinn
2011 Noir S3D (short). Post Production Supervisor. Production: Traum & Wahnsinn
2011 Gebrüder Weiß (commercial). Colorist. Production: westacht
2011 One two three Cheers and a Tiger “The Dream” (music video). Colorist. Director:T.C. Eichtinger
2011 I Eat Pancakes “Where we are here” (music video). Colorist. Director: Georg Leitgeb
2011 Pezi Swoboda “Es tut mir leid” (music video). Compositor. Production: Traum & Wahnsinn
2010 “The Music Inside” (music video). Colorist. Director: Anna Baltl (camerimage 2010)
2010 Rückruf (documentary). Colorist. Director: Jakob Brossmann
2010 Haus der Musik (commercial). Post Production Supervisor.
2009 Living Lache “It was so mad” (music video). Colorist & SFX. Production: Traum & Wahnsinn
2009 Son of Armani (short). Colorist. Director: Matthias Zuderer
2009 Aquis Submersis (feature). Colorist.

Wolfgang Ott in a Screengrab from Wölfe (Cannes 2015) directed by Juliana Neuhuber


What I can do for you
  • Take your skills to the next level
  • Help you grasp the bigger picture
  • Develop curricula
I teach

I have been given the enriching opportunity to share my passion at several at universities and private educational institutions, including TU Vienna, WIFI Vienna, HTL Spengergasse, SAE Vienna, FH Technikum and FH Hagenberg.

In the past I have also taught Maya for real-time content creation, as well as node-based Compositing in Nuke.

I hold an Austrian “Lehrlingsausbildner” license which allows my company to educate vocational trainees.

Did you know? I am an academic reviewer for the Journal of Future Robot Life.

Teaching Timeline


Teaching Experience

since 2020 Schauspielakademie Ott – Teaching Stunts and Bodywork for Actors. Contact: Sigrid Reisenberger, Director.

since 2018 HTL Spengergasse – Teaching 3D Animation and Film. Contact: Werner Pramel, Course Coordinator.

since 2016 WIFI Vienna – External lecturer for Maya and Color Grading. Contact: Eva-Christine Dobler, Course Coordinator.

2007–2021 TU Vienna (University of Technology) – External lecturer for 3D for real-time applications at the Computer Graphics Institute, as well as for workshops on Color Grading. One to two courses per year. Contact: Dr Michael Wimmer, Associate Professor.

2010–2018 SAE Vienna – External lecturer for Compositing & Color Grading at the Film, Games and Animation courses. One to three courses per year. Contact: Alexander Eibler, Course Coordinator.

2016–2017 Equalizent – Teaching 3D Animation for a group of hearing-impaired students

2010–2011 Interactive Media Academy (IMA) – External lecturer for 3D for Games. Ongoing weekly classes. IMA was integrated into SAE Vienna in 2011.

2009–2011 FH Technikum Wien (Vienna University of Applied Sciences) – External lecturer for 3D for Games at the MSc course for Game Engineering and Simulation. One course per year.

2008–2010 Games College – External lecturer for 3D for Games. Ongoing weekly classes. Games College was integrated into IMA in 2010.

2005–2006 FH Hagenberg (Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences) – Lecturer for 3D and Animation at the BSc and MSc courses in Digital Media. I moved to Vienna in 2006.

2003–2006 FH Hagenberg (Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences) – Tutor for 3D at the BSc and MSc courses in Digital Media.

Christian Hochenleuthner in a Screengrab from Wölfe (Cannes 2015) directed by Juliana Neuhuber

Berufsvertretung: WKO, Fachgruppe Werbung und Marktkommunikation

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